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Dave Cox

By Richard Hutton - December 6th, 2011

in memoriam

With great sadness I find myself having to write that the original 'driving force', great friend & co-owner of 'Hoof Hearted' lost his long fought battle with cancer on the morning of 5th December 2011.

Having known him for over 20 years, his passion and quiet competitive spirit has left us all. His initial interest in sled pulling was with his much loved team of Alaskan Malamutes and dog power led to horsepower. I thank the Malpas crew for putting on the final event of the season where Dave was able to drive the tractor for the final time so close to the end of his life.

Thoughts go to Julie (his wife) and his family who have remained so strong and positive throughout his battle. He will be missed by the many people whose lives he touched. RIP

Dave Cox

Bye bye Chris

by Sascha Mecking - February 22 2008

Again Pulling in Europe and especially on the British island has lost one of it’s “people of the finest hour” and in this case a brilliant innovator, an engineer, quite the comedian, a man with more backbone than most people I’ve ever met – and overall a friend!

Chris George passed away on February 20th after loosing the battle against cancer.

I first got to see Chris at one of the European Championships in the 80’s where he was often competing with his “Avon Lady” tractors. First powered by V8’s that later on were turbo charged, then with turbine power – you know, back in the days when it was VERY special to see a pulling tractor powered by a turbine. Then I met him personally at the 1996 Euro Cup at Bernay, where he had his latest creation out, The “John Bull”, of course turbine powered.

Chris entered the track for the drivers presentation dressed like the “John Bull” painted on the fenders of his tractor. The big man put on quite a show in that dress and marched down the track with pride.

The tractor also performed well and I remember inviting him over to our home pull the year after. His goal was to improve the tractor to the point where it would be top of the bill in the light modified class with three RR Gnome turbines, that would have given him in excess of 4500 hp at 5500 lbs. Unfortunately it never happened as new rules were put on turbine tractor in the UK that kept him off the track with the “John Bull” tractor.

Chris always cared for the little guys in pulling and helped A LOT of people to get started. You could always learn from him. I remember him giving me advice on my garden pulling tractor when he saw me do my first steps out in this class. He created the British limited modified class and also rebuilt an old single Rover V12 tractor to compete in this class, which he then sold and that is now running under the name of “Little Gold”.

Chris also loved drag racing and lately was involved helping with a jet drag car and he also collected army vehicles, which got him on British TV just recently.

Chris and Kate GeorgeHe traveled a lot, and knowing the end was coming soon, he took the change to visit a lot of places all over the planet, visiting many of his friends abroad.

You could probably write a book about this man and the things he did in his too short life.
May he not be forgotten and his ideals held high in the sport of pulling and may there be may people to come that care about what is going on and speak their mind like Chris did, when things turn in the wrong direction… and most importantly: Back it up with action like he did.

To quote another British puller about Chris George: “No fool there!”

RIP Chris and strength to all the people at Pippenwell!

Driver Line-up

The drivers line-up to remember Chris George at the first SWTPA Pull at Wraxall in 2008