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Why join the SWTPA?

We are an association that has arisen from the South West Tractor Pullers Club, an affiliate of the British Tractor Pullers Association. It was felt by those that formed the association that the BTPA was putting to much effort in following European competition and forgetting its grass roots within British Pulling. This was making it harder for people without deep pockets to get involved.

We decided that without compromising on safety, we could adjust the rules to allow classes to be formed with adequate safety, according to horse power, and engine type or fuel used. This would allow the use of stock tractors with modifications for safety at a lower cost to compete, helping to promote tractor pulling to all enthusiasts that are out there in the UK. It was also felt that we should promote a robust social side to tractor pulling along with the safety culture, to help maintain the sort of family atmosphere and camaraderie that used to be in British Tractor Pulling.

The SWTPA Hog Roast

The Barbeque Hog Roast at Low Ham

As an association we intend to promote competitive Tractor Pulling along with a social membership. We will obtain insurances to cover liability and loss along with a safety and behaviour culture. As funds allow we will make payments to Tractor Pullers (travel expenses are paid at the moment, based on distance from base postcode to pull site). This is decided at the A.G.M. by the membership.

Ted Corner (commentator) at Carmarthen in 2009

SWTPA Commentator Ted Corner chatting to some of the Fans at Carmarthen

We raise these funds by collecting membership fees from competing and non competing members alike, funds also being raised from the sale of goods from the merchandise stand, and from charges levied at show committees for our services. It must be understood that as we make charges to shows that we attend we need to operate in a professional and business like manner. We therefore expect a good competitive spirit on the track, coupled with good behaviour in front of the public. The events are often being filmed and so good behaviour must be maintained in these circumstances. The time to relax and let the hair down will be after the show is over and the public have gone home, having been entertained by us!

SO What makes the SWTPA different?

You join a registered Association, that hold events that follow best practice safety rules, along with a healthy social side to it so that all concerned can have an enjoyable outing. This same association is administered by its own membership to allow fair competition.

The major difference is the fact that the SWTPA does not prevent tractor owners from attending events or shows that they have been involved with in the past, or indeed want to do so in the future. All that is asked is to maintain your tractor in a good order following the rules that apply on the day.